Consumer Research
is finally simple

And simple is for everyone!

And simple is for everyone! Whether you're a researcher, brand manager, marketing head or academician - The Insight Engine helps you understand your consumers with no hiccups.

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Insight consumer research

How it works

The traditional approach to research is old and outdated.

Our approach is reliable and really fast!


State your purpose!

Identify your research goal and get started right away. This helps build the best foundation for powerful insights.


Define your target audience!

Our pre-set audiences make it easy for you to reach the right people.


Choose your survey type!

Multiple choice, visual surveys or video testing - we’ve got it all covered.


Get results, super fast!

Your research results reach you within a 72 hour cycle. Allowing you to draw insights and make decisions faster than ever.


Bonus feature!

Our analysts are always available to help your surveys, and reach the right research goals.


Why should
you choose
Insight Engine?


It’s super fast!

We help  you get results faster than any research agency.

No more briefing, supervising, tabulations and report creation.

This means your GTM and PMF do not need any third party resources.


It's really easy to use!

1, 2, 3 and you're done.

Our 3 step process covers every aspect of the research framework.

Meaning more control for you, and accessible to everyone - beginner or expert!

It's an audience thing!

Our respondent panels are large (10 million) and pre-validated - across tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in India.

No spill over. No fake answers. No issues of trust.

It's pricing that works for you!

Our pricing structure is transparent and removes ambiguity.

Define your respondent criteria and we will give you the best RoI.



What brings you here today?

I want to understand my consumer better

I want to A/B test an ad campaign

I want to test a new product idea

I want to build a positioning strategy

I want to test brand awareness


Use our portal to find new user groups and test existing audiences through fast insights on consumers and competitors.


Before committing to a large marketing spend, make sure your ads are communicating exactly what they need to with our smart A/B testing survey cycles.


Product concept testing with different types of audiences, before you hit the market.


Understand what the world thinks about your competitors and if you are reaching the right consumers.


How many people really know what your product USP is? Test your marketing funnel with different types of users and get the real picture.



The Insight Engine solution helped us focus on key TG and discover behaviour and attitude of the younger generation towards savings, specifically their goals and how they plan to achieve it. It was fast, on target and well within our budget!


Bhooma Varadarajan

Director Fiducial Financials (Investment advisory)


Thanks to the IE platform, we are now ready to focus on a range of new products, based on insights from our core TG. We could not have achieved what we have through any traditional research methods. Will keep coming back for sure!!



Winger, Dark Kitchen


The question of building our product offering through insights was rudimentary. But reaching out to different sets of audiences across markets was the challenge! The IE saved the efforts of having to deal with the logistics and time. Now we know where to begin!


Suresh Selvaraj

Podi Pickle Thokku (Homemade recipes)


An understanding of what our primary audiences are habituated with and whether there is scope for a new brand to step in were our concerns in the personal care category. The IE helped us reach out to specific audience and gather insights helping our GTM.



Founder, All Things Earthy (Personal care)

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